Saturday, June 30, 2012

Link A Day

All I have to say about this week is thank goodness its the weekend.  TGIW!  It was a rough one with the littlest this week.  She must be growing because she is acting like a crazy person!  We went to the library and joined their summer reading program for the kids.  They are crazy excited!  We went up to the park and had free lunch and then went to the library.  We rode up with my sister in law and her kids in her Durango.  I thought Nicco was going to burst he was so excited about riding in their car.  It was so dang cute!  He kept saying I am so excited!  I am so excited!  He makes my heart swell.  He is fun and kind and rad!  ON to the links!

I love this article written by Scarlett Johansson.  She is rad.  I love her healthy view on body image and I need to remember it.

So I totally bought a black pair of these from DSW that are half the price.  Like exact same pair!  I know that 88 bucks isn't a bad price but I am a total bargain shopper so I was pretty pumped.

These banana bits look phenomenal and semi healthy!  I need to branch out from my usual twin-popsicles for frozen treats

This is an awesome PVC pool towel drying rack.  I think I need it for plain old all the time drying.

Does anyone need a natural face wash?  I would say totally yes!  My bet is that you could put any herb in here and it would be lovely.

Confession time!  I about peed myself when I heard that Trader Joes was coming to great old SLC.  This list from Shutterbean gives me and idea of items to start with.  I love blogger recommendations!

This ring needs to be mine.  I want I want!

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