Friday, June 15, 2012

Fill In The Blank

I would invite only 6 people.  I haven't ever hosted a dinner party and my cooking skills are so so.  The best idea for me and my guests would be something small.  It would be people who love me for me so that if it totally sucks they would forgive.  I wouldn't even have a theme.  Just low key with some flowers on the table for decoration.  Maybe some candles lit all around.  Does it sound like this is turning into a romantic encounter?!  Cause it does to me.  HMMM.... Guess I would need to figure out something different for decorations.  Maybe origami birds?  HAHA!  I have no idea what I am doing.  Obviously!  

To eat?  Who knows?  I would probably just end up doing Papa Murphy's pizza, a salad and a fabulous dessert.  A little signature drink?  I figure it isn't about the food- it is more about the company.  The shared experience.  I love the idea of sitting around the table talking as adults with the kids over at their table with a sitter- in another room.  Laughing and enjoying each others company.  That sounds lovely!  Maybe I should venture into dinner party territory!

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