Saturday, June 23, 2012

Link A Day

Sup peeps?  We have had a pretty great week. Just working and enjoying the weather.  OH and thrifting.  I just might have to do a post celebrating all the fantastic things we were able to snag this week.  Does my heart good!  The littles are happy and mostly healthy.  Lola has a bit of a cough but she seems to be doing fine other than that.  There have been fires around these parts (nothing new for a summer in Utah) and the air quality is worse than normal.  That could for sure be a factor.

OH guess what?!  I found out that my daughter is a perv but really who isn't?  She begged me to see my lady parts.  I told her no but she kept on keeping on!  Girl can beg!  I asked her why she wanted to see them and she told me because they are gross.  I guess I am a freak show to her?  What?!  Needless to say she did not get to see them and I am now going to stop showering with her.  Sad day!  I love taking showers with her.  We have the best talks- none of which have ever included the topic of our parts!!!  But she has become hyper aware that there are differences between the two of us.  I don't want to warp her fragile little mind.  So solo showers from here on out.  And a first conversation about the changes your body goes through when you become a woman.  Awkward!  I am not sure what all to tell her seeing as how she is only three but she is very aware of the differences. Any suggestions?  Should I just leave it be for a few more years?  Be super vague in my explanation?  Flat out answer her questions?  I am drowning here people!

Now that I have possibly shared too much here are some links!  

My sweet auntie makes just about the best pickles ever in a million years.  Like whoa!  They are so good that I feel inspired to try my hand at making some of my own- I also feel inspired to tell you to make some too.  Truly.  How about this easy recipe to get us all started?  Lets all try to make some and then reconvene and discuss.  Shall we?

How lovely are these hanging baskets?  My parents have a pergola in the back yard and I think they would be fantastic hanging all around it full of green growing things.
Anyone else need a way to entertain small children inside because it is hot as balls where they live?  How about this interlocking castle project?  Rad!

I have used this recipe for roasted asparagus several times the last month or two.  It is equally good with brussel sprouts!  It is my fantastic sisters so I admit that I like it extra hard.

This list of 7 unsafe foods is a must read.  It is crazy how many of the things on the list that we use on a regular basis!  

Are you aware that today is National Camp Out in Your Backyard Day?  Yep it is!  Even if you aren't going to camp out you can have a campy treat!  Smores!  A whole pan in minutes!

I am starting to see the value of making my own accessories.  That way I can make exactly what I want and no one else has exactly the same thing.  I think that this is a first great little project.  Plus the Alison of The Alison Show is funny and charming.



  1. Hi there! I asked my kid doc (not sure if I know how to spell the real word right LOL! Sad. I know.) and he told me to just answer their questions and nothing more. If they are too young to hear the info you give will just go in one ear and out the other. So no worries...Lexi is 19 now and I still haven't managed to mess her up yet so it must have been pretty good advice from the doc. Thanks for the link too! You ROCK! Love you Sis!

    1. HAHA! I think she is too young to truly understand any of it. I just want her to know when she asks me questions that I will answer. I want her to be able to come to me. I want the kids to trust me like your kids trust you!