Sunday, September 4, 2011


Some of the fruits (and veggies) of our labor!

Having a garden is so satisfying!  I am not sure what it is about picking a veggie that I have grown myself but I get a warm fuzzy feeling of pride.  

I guess it is extra gratifying because I usually kill plants.  Deader than a doornail.  I have the blackest of black thumbs.  It is like kohl it is so black.  Our garden must be growing so well because my babies sing sweet songs to them.

Back tomorrow with the continuation of the Photo Challenge!  I am a slacker.... sorry.


  1. I have those squash in my garden... What are they???? Not sure if they were planted or migrated over... HELP!! Please, please tell me what kind they are!!! Thanks bunches!!! Love the photo!

  2. Hey Tracey!! They are spaghetti squash. BEST squash ever!!! I think our neighbors got some of ours. They crawl all over the place!

  3. Great thanks so much for the update!! I'll be picking them soon... Love 'em!!!

  4. growing your own veggies is the best! :)

  5. @Tracey- You are welcome! @Jillian- it really is! I get so flipping excited when something is ready to pick.