Monday, March 18, 2013

Who wins when you tangle with a street sign?

My sweet cheese ball of a son.  Which looks way to old since cutting his hair!

Tomorrow is picture day at school... again.  I found out they do pictures in the spring now too.  We were lucky we got pictures at all when I was a kid.  More on my deprived childhood later.  I actually like that they take their picture twice a year.  A kid can change a ton over the course of a year.  It is fun to see the comparison.  And get this not only do they do pictures twice a year but you can also now pay for touch ups.  Yeah you can get your child's picture air brushed.  Now to each their own but I feel like that is borderline messed up!  Aren't the best pictures the ones that are a little off?  This is where my story gets more interesting.  Let me spin you a tale of a boy and his bike.  

A few days ago Nicco was riding along up and down the street on his bike.  I was cleaning out the car and obviously not paying close enough attention to him.  Great mom award will be accepted right over here.  Anywho.... I hadn't seen him in a few minutes so I walked to the front of the yard and saw a stranger talking to him.  My momma senses started going haywire.  What the hell is a crazy strange chick doing talking to my son?!  All kinds of thoughts started running through my mind.  She is going to steal him and I will never see him again!  OH yeah full force.  I immediately walk down to the corner calling to him just to make sure she knows I am coming and that she better slow her roll.  As it turns out I needed to slow my roll.  Poor Nicco had ridden his bike straight into the street sign at the bottom of our street.  Like full on rammed his bike into it.  The bike Santa brought him is bigger than his last bike and he has had a hard time getting used to it.  It has been like learning to ride all over again.  We are working on controlling it.  We clearly need some more time.  Luckily he had his helmet on!  Oh and the crazy lady that was going to steal my son?  She was a kindly stranger that helped him get upright and calmed him down.  Again mother of the year award can be sent via UPS straight to my home!

Wondering how this all relates to picture day and airbrushing the photos?  Nicco has a black eye and a bruise on his cheek from his spill.  I would say that the sign won.  Now what to do?  Have a forever memory of that infamous day when Nicco took on a street sign and lost?  Or let them photoshop the marks away?  I am leaving the bruises and black eye!  I am looking forward to pulling them out every year and telling him the story over and over until he can tell it better than I can.    

The toast is the only way to keep him still.  See the bruising on the cheek and the black eye?  Awesome!


  1. Two pictures a year?! Sounds like the photography company convinced the school to do it twice so everybody could make more money. Silly!

    At least Nicco will always remember the time he got beat up by a sign. ;)

    1. They so did do it for the money! And I play right into their hands. BAH! OH making memories! And having proof. LOL!