Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend Links

It has been a wonderful week this week!  We were able to celebrate my niece's birthday with her.  It was great for the kids to get to play with their cousins.  And I always love seeing my sister and her husband.  The weather has been pretty decent in our neck of the woods so we have been outside riding bikes a lot!  The kids got bikes from Santa for Christmas and then it promptly snowed so flipping much that they couldn't ride them.  Sometimes Santa doesn't have the smartest ideas- idiot!  The kids are loving it now.  Watching them get better and better has been so fun.  They get so excited when they are finally able to do something that they couldn't do before.  Their grins are worth sitting out on the cold!

On to the links shall we?

OH man this chevron quilt slays me!  It is so beautiful and unique.  I am going to start one for Lola ASAP!

The kiddies have been begging for their own treasure boxes and while I will probably end up buying treasure chests from Michael's and painting them- I love these hollow book boxes from Dos Family!  An easy DIY!

Spring is right around the corner so it is time to start feeding the birds.  These little bird feeders are cute and perfect to do with kids!

Am I as busy as I think?  Probably not.  But I sure think I am the busiest little buzzing bee ever.

I am going to make time this weekend to make some homemade flour tortillas.  MMMM yummmy!

Cute Easter Bunnies!  I think the kids would love to help me with these.  And oh my gosh can you believe that Easter is like 3 weeks away?!

April Fools is coming too!  Check out this gallery of food pranks.  I am a little excited!  The kids are old enough to really appreciate some good natured pranking.

I am wanting to teach the kids how to paper mache.  These Easter eggs would be awesome to pull out every year and even possibly add new ones to our collection!

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