Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Links

It has been a week.  Ha!  That is a weird thing to say and that is all I have to say.  On to the links!

Totally awesome Halloween DIY.  Masked portraits!

A baked ham and green bean bake sounds right up our alley. 

A rad video showing 29 ways to stay creative.  Everyone could benefit from watching this!  Plus it is less than two minutes.  Inspiration in a tiny dose!

This print would be a modern fun piece of art for a nursery.

I am excited for clementine oranges to be back in season!  It is still a little early for them but once they are around I am going to make some candles out of them.  

For those of us still trying to hang on to summer: lemonade inspiration!

This book may find its way into Nicco's stocking this year.  Boy loves to draw.  (Yes I know that I literally just gave a link about summer and then went straight to Christmas.  IT is coming faster than we know peeps!  I like to be prepared!)

Cute dainty DIY seed bead bracelets

This Meal Planning Awareness pledge is awesome!  The whole idea is to get 10k people to pledge to make 4 meals from home in September.  It means more time spent as a family, less waste, money savings and healthier meal options.  I pledged.  Will you?

I have to toss this Fall roundup from A Beautiful Mess into the mix.  Cause I love them and their ideas!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I Love

I am real need of a new blanket.  The one I am using is falling apart.  It is not pretty but it is perfect!  Perfect coverage, perfect warmth.  If it weren't falling apart it would be the stuff that dreams are made of.   But I think I could replace it happily with one of these bad boys!  Some of the blankets in this round up aren't right for my bed but I couldn't help but include them.  I love blankets in any shape or form.  Plus all of these are from Etsy.  Support handmade!  

and then I died!

this is a baby quilt but oh it is beautiful!

This quilt would be perfect for a little girls room!

Monday, September 9, 2013

August Instants

I am a bit late with my monthly update of instant pictures.  This is sadly the one and only instant pic I took in August!  But I love it so much it is ridiculous.  This was Nicco's first day of school this year.  I love the instant gratification that I get with my Polaroid 300.  They are great for capturing sweet memories.  I have only had it for about 8 months but we already love to look through the jar and remember our favorite moments. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekend Links

Nick started a new job this week.  WOOT!  We are relieved.  Even though it seems like this job will just be a stepping stone to the next thing.  Sigh.  But we are still forever grateful for this opportunity for Nick to work during the day.  It is going to take a few weeks to get used to the new schedule.  We will be going from 5:30 in the morning until 11 at night most days.  Plus I am back to being on my own with the kids all day every day.  I keep reminding myself that this is temporary!  A minor blip in our lives.  I am also feeling amazing gratitude for my wonderful husband!  He is so willing so work hard for our family.  He blows my mind.  Nick having to work so much has also lit the fire under me to get my Etsy shop up and running.  I know that it might not make enough money for him to stay home but it will relieve some of the pressure financially.  My ultimate goal is for him to be able to be quit his day job and just do UPS at night.  I am dreaming big!  OH that would be magical.  Yes I said magical.  So anywho.... I will keep this space up to date with any shop news.

My phone is running out of space so I am doing all these links from my phone so I can erase some!  I don't even think that will really help the storage issue but I am going to do it any way!  So this is the first edition of- 

Weekend Cellphone links! 

My boy would love to wear this T-REX necklace!  It is a skeleton and a dinosuar?  And that price?  Triple threat!  

This 5 ways to update thrift store art article from Apartment Therapy is awesome.  I love the ideas.  Especially the dipped picture.  

A rope braid hairstyle is a perfectly casual up-do.  I love it!

Pretty much everything from the 2 bandits shop is awesome.  But right now I want this necklace.

This little reminder for all the creatives out there.

I want a mindful home.  Even more so I want a mindful life.  But our home is a good place to start.

These balloon wall lamps are amazeballs!  And I don't use that phrase lightly.  Ugh they are the stuff dreams are made of.

This coffee cake is on my to-do list this weekend.

Halloween is only a few- well more like 6ish- weeks away.  Needless to say I have Halloween crafts on the mind.  I really love the bat mobile from Martha Stewart!

One of my bucket list type things for my life is to learn to make cheese.  I love cheese that much.  How awesome are these cheese making kits from Urban Cheese on Etsy?  My dream is in my grasp!

I am off to enjoy my weekend!  We are seeing James Taylor play with the Mormon Tabernacle choir tonight.  Oh yeah baby! 

Happy Weekend Friends!

Monday, September 2, 2013

1st Grade!

This boy started 1st grade two weeks ago.  I was like what?   I have a freaking 1st grader?!  I know how cliche it is to say but my oh my how the time does fly.  He had a rough first day.  Poor kid fell at lunch and pretty much cried the rest of the time he was at school.  It was less about the hurt and more about being overwhelmed I think.  He has been a champ the rest of the time.  Well it has gotten better each day at least.  HA!  He is getting so big.  It makes me want to cry and shout for joy at the same time.  I have such conflicting feelings about him growing up.  Mostly I am happy though!  It has been a privilege to be his mother and to watch him grow.    

Lola has been doing a lot better having him gone all day long than I thought she would.  We haven't had any issues except that she thinks it should be a party all day everyday.  She wants to rock and roll all night and party everyday!  I want to rock and roll some nights and part of every day.

On a side note- Help a girl out with ideas for lunches to send with the boy!  What do you send?  Do your kids eat their lunch?  Because mine sure doesn't.  


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Links

I had a GNO at Bunco this week.  I love going to Bunco!  It is a great time with awesome ladies.  It was invigorating.  It is weird how just two hours away from all responsibility can really do you wonders.  We have spent some time this week getting Nicco ready for school next week.  The summer flew by!  I will be happy for the routine that the school year brings but it is a little bittersweet since the boy will be gone all day now at school.  Lola is going to miss him just as much as I will.  It has been nice and cool in the morning and in the evening lately so we are trying to spend our time outside during those few precious hours.  We taught the kids to play bocce.  Needless to say many of my evenings have been spent playing it.  No news on the job front.  Ugh.... job hunting can be really frustrating.  We are getting down to the wire and getting a little stressed out.  Any advice would be so helpful!  We need all the help we can get so if you have any nuggets of wisdom about not only job searching but job finding that would be awesome! 

This DIY popsicle backdrop would be cute for a summer photo shoot.

I am not positive what I would store in these canvas baskets but I am positive I need them!

With the heat being unbearable some days I am always on the look for yummy recipes that do not require turning on the oven.  Like this one for egg salad.  Oh I love a good egg salad.

We are currently loving mail at our house.  People love getting cards and letters.  I am hoping the Post Office will deliver mail in envelopes like these.  Because we are making some. They are so fun!

This is a pretty accurate picture of what it feels like here lately.

Easy polka dot potholder set.  Next movie project?

Cute mermaid doll pattern!  Perfect for summer.  Also realistic mermaid videos.  I am not saying they are real- I am just saying they could be peeps.

OH my heavens blackberry pie bars sound so good.  I wants them now!

I lovely love my family is right!  This needs to come to my house in black ASAP.

Did you know that a stomach rumble actually has a name?  Now you do and that name is wamble.  What is the name for a time wasting list?

Nicco would look awesome in this Misfits tee.

Need a smile?  How about a pineapple wigglegram?  Complete with instructions to make your own!